high alloy steel

carbon mild steel forge bar

Forge bar Carbon & Mild Steel

  Carbon Steel Forge Bars Akai Metal are Manufacturers of Carbon Steel Round Bar and Rods that is Fabricated From High Quality Raw Materials. Our range […]
carbon mild steel hex square bar

Hex and Square Carbon & Mild Steel

  Carbon Steel Hex and Square Bar Metric Carbon Steel Hex Bar is available in variety of sizes and grades. Carbon steel bar is stocked in […]
carbon mild steel coupling

Coupling Carbon & Mild Steel

Carbon Steel Coupling Bar The Carbon Steel Coupling are also known as the Extension Nuts. These Coupling nuts are used to join two or more stud […]
stainless alloy steel channel

Channel Stainless and Alloy Steel

Stainless Steel Channel Bars Channels are bars with extruded edges set to a ninety degree angle, which creates a channel in the center of the product. […]
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