Strip Stainless and Alloy

Strip Stainless and Alloy Steel

Stainless Steel Strip is a flat steel products, with width of less than 600mm for hot rolled products and less than 500mm for cold rolled products. The wider flat products are called wide Stainless Steel Strips. Stainless Steel Strips are used for kitchen sinks/cutlery, baths, elevators, building material, automotive application, industrial application, hose, hardware-tools etc.

Hot rolled stainless steel strip is a semifinished product obtained from the hot rolling of slabs or billets and is produced for conversion by cold rolling. Type Cold rolled stainless steel strip is manufactured from hot rolled.

We also stock a widest range of SS Strips, which are increasingly popular all over the world due to their superior strength, corrosion resistance and other favourable properties. Our Strips are used in an increasing number of applications from storage tanks to paper machines in order to achieve significant thickness reductions and cost savings across application lifetimes.

Stainless Steel Strips Specification

Item Stainless Steel Strip(Hot rolled, cold rolled)
Standard JIS, AISI, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN, etc
Surface the surface and finish of stainless steel Strip:

2B, 2D, BA, NO.1, NO.4, NO.8, 8K, mirror, checkered, embossed, hair line, sand

blast, Brush, etching, etc

Thickness 0.50 mm -100 mm
Width 10 mm-2500 mm
Length 100 mm-6000 mm
Weight 50 kg to 4 M. T.
Brand: Indian Origin, European Origin, Japanese Origin, US Origin, Korea Origin, Thailand Origin, Taiwan Origin
Manufacturer: POSCO, Aperam, Jindal Stainless, DKC Korea, Thyssenkrup, Baosteel, TISCO, Arcelor Mittal, VDM, Nippon Metal, Outokumpu
Package Standard export package, suit for all kinds of transport, or as


Hardness: 1/2H, 3/4H, H, FH, EH, soft/annealed

Stainless Steel Grades


Alloy Steel Strips


The 4130 alloy steel strip has been annealed, has an unpolished (mill) surface, meets SAE Aerospace Material Specifications AMS 6350 standards, and has a standard tolerance. The 4130 alloy steel grade contains chromium and molybdenum for strength and hardenability, with lower carbon content than 4140 alloy steel to provide better weldability. This material can be heat treated for higher hardness. The strip has been annealed, a method of heating and cooling metal to modify its properties, such as increasing its formability and toughness or decreasing its strength, after it has been shaped.

Strip Stainless and Alloy Steel

Alloy Steel Strips

Strip Stainless and Alloy Steel

Stainless Steel Strips 

Alloy Steel Strips Specification


Specifications: Thickness : 0.70 mm – 8.0mm

Width : 6 mm – 450 mm

Material : Alloy Steel

Material : Composition Solid

Alloy Steel Grades


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